The Ultimate
Meme Coin Fighter

fun. safety. community. polygon.

Buy/Sell tax: 3%


Boost Spepe Characters NFT mint and get share from volume tax.

The Ultimate
Meme Coin Fighter

fun. safety. community. polygon.

Most powerfull memecoin on polygon


OG Builders Doxed Team

Contract built by Original Doge Dev

Audited by OxGuard

Time proven: launch April 2023

Liquidity locked for 69 years

Great liquidity/ market cap ratio

Over 1% of token burned

Volume Share for Mint Ball Holders

Ticker $SPEPE

Total Supply 696,911,169,082

Buy/Sell Tax 3%

The Seishin Ball Campaign is underway!

We’re releasing a 7-piece NFT collection as a way to create a fun whitelist experience for our SaiyanPEPE Fighter NFT collection! Stake $SPEPE now to start earning your first Seishin Ball, the Staking Ball, your whitelist for the collection. Each Seishin Ball beyond that will improve your whitelist by reducing the price, giving you a chance to mint additional NFTs that will serve as upgrades in the SaiyanPEPE Battle Arena game, improve the rarity of your Fighter NFT, and more!

Get ready for the launch of SaiyanPEPE Fighter NFTs!

Meet Kairu, known as SaiyanPEPE, a symbol of bravery across galaxies. Will he lead your digital collection? Or perhaps you’ll secure Neka, the swift, feline humanoid whose attacks confound her enemies.

Don’t overlook Barburu, a combat sorcerer who fuses magic with weaponry for explosive effects. And keep an eye out for the ultra-rare Rokinzo, a martial artist alien robot designed for superiority in battle.

Each fighter hails from the vast SaiyanPEPE multiverse, bringing unique skills and backstories. Which will join your ranks in this cosmic adventure? The choice is yours when the SaiyanPEPE Fighter NFTs arrive.

SaiyanPEPE Battle Arena

Prepare for the next development in the SaiyanPEPE universe: the SaiyanPEPE Battle Arena! This strategic turn-based arena is where your decisions could mean the difference between cosmic glory and star-dusted defeat. Set in the diverse SaiyanPEPE multiverse, fighters from various realms face off in battles that are as much about wits as they are about strength.

In this soon-to-be-released adventure, players will queue for matches, betting on outcomes with $SPEPE, and engaging in battles featuring a unique mix of strategy and chance. Your chosen fighters, each with their individual powers and vulnerabilities, will engage in vivid combat scenarios, challenging your tactical skills.

And it doesn’t end at launch — the SaiyanPEPE Battle Arena promises an ever-expanding universe with seasonal events, fresh faces, and consistent updates to keep the excitement alive.

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