SPEPE Adventure Episode #2


For some time, SaiyanPepe trained in solitude, until he caught the eye of a young womanpepe named MeMe. Initially SaiyanPepe wanted nothing to do with her, but she wore him down through physical battles and arguments.

It seemed that SaiyanPepe found himself in love, but… this is no love story.
Despite SaiyanPepe’s joy at his position in life, he still longed to become the strongest in the galaxy, for he knew that the flip side to the meme power was the power of FUD!

He could feel within his SaiyanPepe brains that there was evil FUD out there like no other coming to destroy his home and loved ones. The Earth had its mighty heroes, but over the years, he had conquered them all and there was nothing left to learn here. He looked to the stars…

So SaiyanPepe, the mighty meme warrior, decided to embark on an out of this world mission to find the elusive Space Pandas. Determined to expand his strength and seek new adventures, SaiyanPepe teamed up with his ingenious friend Hatolma, a brilliant engineer and inventor.

Together, SaiyanPepe and Hatolma built a state-of-the-art spaceship, powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology. SaiyanPepe “supervised”. With their vessel, named “Polygon,” they set off from Earth, blasting off into the unknown cosmos.

As they ventured deeper into space, SaiyanPepe and Hatolma encountered all sorts of cosmic challenges, from asteroid fields to interstellar storms, and even aliens that were not interesting enough to talk about!

SaiyanPepe’s unwavering courage and Hatolma’s ingenuity made any obstacle no match for the pair! After weeks of space travel, they finally arrived at the coordinates where the elusive Polygon Space Pandas were rumored to reside.

Hidden amongst a field of asteroids, they found a space colony tucked away on the side of an asteroid! After some maneuvering, Hatolma was able to land the Polygon near the colony. There, they were greeted by a curious and friendly clan of pandas who welcomed them with open arms.

The Space Pandas were a unique species of pandas that had evolved in the far reaches of the crypto universe. They had special energy powers and knowledge of the blockchain that could unlock new dimensions of potential. SaiyanPepe and Hatolma were in awe of their wisdom and skill.

The Space Pandas shared their insights with SaiyanPepe, teaching him advanced blockchain techniques and energy moves. SaiyanPepe, in turn, shared his own meme magic with them, creating a unique bond between their worlds, and the pandas found joy in their new wisdom of memes.

Hatolma, on the other hand, exchanged ideas with the pandas on how to improve their spaceship designs and make them more sustainable. She also introduced natural bamboo to them, making Hatomla a huge hero to the Pandas!

Just as they were about to leave, the evil demon alien, AFKFINANCE, attacked the colony with curiously good martial arts skills! SaiyanPepe was able to battle him for quite some time, and they exchanged many attacks, tosses, and monologues!

They even traded places in moments of being down in bad ways, but both fighters always recovered after a short peptalk or flashback of a friend. After what seemed like a long, episodic amount of time, SaiyanPepe was able to defeat the demon alien with his first ENERGY BLAST!

The pair bid farewell to the Space Pandas, grateful for the knowledge and friendship they had gained. With their newfound wisdom and strengthened bond, SaiyanPepe and Hatolma returned to Earth, ready to share their experiences and contribute to the community with renewed vigor.

SaiyanPepe returned home to his wife. Years passed, and eventually they had a child. Regardless of the peace, he continued to train, aware that at any moment, the peace of his world could end.

Out there, in the universe, evil FUD was brewing.


A familiar menace from SaiyanPepe’s past arrives on Earth, with a sinister plan to conquer the blockchains. Will SaiyanPepe be able to protect his home alone? Stay tuned for the next episode and find out!